The first triathlon club geared for the religious Jewish community

Links/items of interest  Nutrition company that makes many gels/drinks/ supplements that are certified Kosher. NOT ALL ITEMS ARE KOSHER! Check each item before buying. is the website for the charity organization that helps victims of terrorist attacks in Israel. The group gets people to do century (100 mile) bike rides, triathlons and other endurance sport events to raise money. TriChai is proud to be the official training organization in Brooklyn for Team One family events.

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Road ID is a must for your safety! It's a bracelet that contains your name, important contact numbers engraved in a metal disc. It's also great for kids who like to bike or roller blade to the park, but don't have any ID to carry along in case of an emergency.

Articles about TriChai article

Crown Heights Info

Article from APTA magazine, March 2010

The website for the U.S.A Triathlon organization. It costs $30/yr and is well worth it! It will save you the mandatory $10/per race for a one day membership for those who are not members.

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