The first triathlon club geared for the religious Jewish community


Seven weeks ago, I would have never believed I could be going from zero to running almost an entire 3.3 mile course. I’d never before done anything like it. Through professional training, pushing, encouraging (and a bit of whipping), Chaim has helped make that happen. If I can do it, you can too. Chaim’s the one who can help you.


If his class doesn’t kill me, it will have saved my life!


Elkanah Shmotkin

   I have been running for two years.  I signed up for the running club for many reasons, but the most important reason was that I wanted to build a foundation for future long distance runs.  Chaim's methods of training have helped me dramatically increase my endurance, strength and speed.  I now know the proper stretches, breathing techniques, heart-rate monitoring and running style.  And to top it all off, the running and learning were all done in a fun, positive and motivating manner.  I look forward to future programs.
Yossi Feigenson
Dear Chaim
  I would like to express my sincere thanks for the tremendous job you did.
I could not have accomplished all that I did without your encouragement, support and insight.
Having tried, unsuccessfully, to get into running, your class was just what the doctor ordered.
Keep up the good work.
Avrohom Benarroch
PS looking forward to running the marathon
Dear "coach" Chaim,
I remember it like yesterday, it was right before the summer and I was was sitting on my deck in the country chatting with Chaim. He was going on about his running, how great it was, how much better and healthier he felt running and then he turned to me and said;  "Hey, why don't you come and join me for a run". I laughed and asked "when, in a few hours"? He said "NOW"! I  never ran before so  I said: "You got to be kidding", but he replied "No, I'm not kidding, you'll love it and I'm sure you'll do great. You would be surprised what you  can do".That was Chaim alright, always with a positive and encouraging attitude.  I will will never forget that Friday afternoon huffing and puffing my way through my first run, didn't think I could make it and Chaim never gave up on me. He was constantly pushing and encouraging me all the way to the end.  When I say "end" I don't mean only the first run, because 10 short weeks later, I was running the West Side Highway with Chaim , and we're talking 13 Miles!
I would like to conclude by saying thank you Chaim for all you have done. I would still be sitting on that deck chatting if it wasn't for your  encouragement and positive influence.
Avremel Piekarski
Before your class, I would go on the treadmill for 2 weeks and then stop for 2 months. I didn't have the discipline to continue. But  in your class, I learnt not only how to succeed, but I acquired the discipline and skills needed to keep on running regularly. I have run at least three times per week now for 7 weeks. This past week , I was able to circle the park twice. Little details like: "Head up, relax your shoulders, stay relaxed while you run" are pointers that I won't soon forget and help to make my jog fun.
Shloime Feldman
PS: Can't wait for the New Year's midnight "run-around-the-park"!!

"I never imagined finishing Prospect Park in under 28 minutes, let alone 26:02! Chaim pushes you, literally, to the finish. He brings out your full potential with his excellent coaching skills and great sense of judgment of your abilities.

Thanks Chaim!"

Sryli Bryski,
NYC marathon finisher '07
Dear Chaim,
I decided to run the ING Miami Marathon to benefit Chai Lifeline charity and started training on my own, using the Chai Lifeline training plan. I had no trouble with the motivation to get out and run. After training for a few months for the marathon, I suddenly developed knee pain and the marathon was just 2 and a half weeks away! Thankfully, I managed to contact Chaim via email and then by phone. Chaim, you were my savior! In just 2 phone calls, even though I was in Miami, Chaim told me what it would take to get rid of the pain and how to change my running posture and gait pattern. Now, one day after running my first marathon (the whole 26.2), I feel like I can go again next week and run another marathon, WITHOUT ANY KNEE PAIN at all!! For those of you who already run, Chaim can help you learn and grow and get so much more out of your running. And all this was done over the phone. I wish I could be in New York to get the "REAL" hands-on training.

Shloimy Herz
Miami Florida
Chaim gave me the care and the knowledge I needed to get back out on the road. I struggled on my own for 5 months with out any improvement or decrease in my knee pain. Chaim fixed that by alieving the current pain I had, and taught me how to prevent further injuries through exercise, stretching, proper technique and form. For several months before I saw Chaim I had pain walking, as well as  going up/down the stairs.  Shortly after seeing Chaim, I was able  to finish my first half Ironman. Chaim saved my season and allowed me to obtain my goals.

Todd Schweikert, member, Brooklyn Triathlon Club

Ruthie Kirschenbaum, Director of Crown Heights Bikur Cholim;

"In fall of 2009 Bikur Cholim applied to enter the NYC Marathon as a charity team. It all sounded fun and exciting, but when we were accepted as an official charity partner, it became clear that we needed an expert on hand. That's when we turned to Chaim.

With his fitness expertise and coaching experience, Chaim took our team of mostly first time runners from the beginning stages of learning to run and building stamina for distance training, through all the difficulties that are encountered during the middle grueling months, finally up until race day on November 7th 2010, where every single team member successfully completed the 26.2 miles injury free!  It was a real triumph, one the team could not have achieved without Chaim.  Thank you coach!"

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