The first triathlon club geared for the religious Jewish community

Weekly group runs: For the steady runner who wants a group to run with, we will be having regular group runs every Sunday at 10:00 am and Thursday at 8:00 pm. The runs start from the parking lot and consist of one loop of the park (3.3 miles). We run at an easy pace, approx run time of 30 minutes or so. Join TriChai for the year and you'll know that you will always have someone to run with. Yearly membership: $100.00

Beginner program: This program is designed for people who have never run before or who have not run for a very long time, and want a structured introduction to help get in shape without getting injured along the way. We start with very gentle workouts combining running and walking.  Our group workouts gradual progression gives your body plenty of time to adapt to running over the 10 weeks of the program as we build to the goal of continuously running a 5K/3.1 mile distance.  In addition you will receive personalized email coaching to guide your training in between our regular class meetings. The cost for the 10 week session is $250.00

Intermediate level:
This program is geared for someone who can run 3 miles comfortably and wants to improve their speed. This is a 10 week program that involves 1 run a week. We will incorporate some heart rate training zones and basic speedwork techniques, interval and hill training.
The cost for the 10 week session is $200.00.

Half and full Marathon preparation classes are now available. 
Private one on one training classes are also available.
Please contact us for further details and pricing.
We are now offering weekly short distance group rides in Prospect Park and throughout the city. There will also be longer distance rides up through Manhattan and over into New Jersey, including rides up to Monsey (50 miles). We are planning for a "group ride to the country" at the end of the summer (approx 100 miles).  For the new biker, we will also be offering bike maintenance classes, covering such items as how to change a flat, chain slippage etc.  

OFF-ROAD runs:
Come and join us as we explore the trails and hills of Prospect Park. Get ready to get dirty, muddy and even a little wet, as we run up/down the hills, across the grass and through the woods.

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