The first triathlon club geared for the religious Jewish community


Do you, or your child exhibit poor posture?  

Do you feel that you are slowly starting to sit and stand with a slouched over posture? 

Have you, or a family member, been diagnosed with spinal curvature (kyphosis) or osteoporosis?

Chaim Backman Physical Therapy is proud to announce the start of sessions specifically targeting  PROPER POSTURE, BASIC POSTURE AWARENESS and BACK STRETCHING AND STRENGTHENING EXERCISES.  

These sessions will be held at our physical therapy center. Each session will be a private one on one session with a female physical therapist, who specializes in the treatment of these conditions.

Each class will consist of general posture awareness training, basic back stretching and strengthening ex’s and a descriptive handout detailing all the specific exercises taught.

In addition, each person will get to use a posturepal pillow ( at the end of the session. The daily use of this pillow has been shown to help improve the posture in people of all ages.

These treatment sessions will be held on Sundays, starting from 10:00 am. 

Your insurance may cover these sessions. Please contact us for details.

For further details, please email us at

Or call us at: 718-774-6144

Testimonials: from people who used the posturepal pillow

Goldie S. (58 years old): "I've been using the posturepal for 3 weeks now. I feel much straighter and more upright. My shoulders are less rounded and I can breath deeper. It's great"

Chaya S. (age 19): "I've tried it for the past 2 weeks. It has made me more aware of how I should be standing and sitting. Together with the exercises, I feel straighter. My friends tell me I look taller now".

Leah L. (age 26): "I really love it! I can't believe it's so simple to use, yet so effective. Even my shoulder pain has diminished, since my posture has improved".

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